BASIC - Part 27: A little high altitude exposition. First off, apologies for the late blog post, I'm heavily jet lagged :) Its currently all I can do to even turn a computer on.
Aaaaaanyway, as the title says, a little exposition here and our first view of the, let's say, baddies. Gotta say, I like this strip, art wise. It's the first time I think I've really got a handle on drawing Miriam. Wyndham is basically a perpetually surprised triangle, but Miriam taps into all the life drawing I did at college. She's a lot of fun to do.


BASIC - Part 26: Well, compared to the other Fauna, it's hardly endangered.
Hang on, you're thinking, Monday? Well, I'm off to San Francisco for a weeks holiday tomorrow (10th Wedding Anniversary!!!) and, rather than wimp out with a 'no comic' week, I thought I'd drop the goodies early for you lovely lovely persons.  Jet lag permitting, next week's should be on time.


BASIC - Part 25: In which Wyndham provides us with a concise summary of events and BASIC quits lounging around and does something.
Next week's basiccomic will be a couple of days early as I'm off to San Francisco.

IF NOT bestpolicy = honesty THEN GOSUB lie

BASIC - Part 24: When someone asks you if you are a pirate, you say YES. Wyndham doesn't think it's a big deal. Someone obviously does.


BASIC - Part 23: Who would have thought that pirates would have a coffee supply? Well, there was that Starbucks in Moby Dick but that's hardly the same thing. By the way, happy Pi day, everyone!


BASIC - Part 22: In which we see a little glimpse of another of the island's residents and everybody gets a bit skittish.


BASIC - Part 21: Well, you would, wouldn't you?


BASIC - Part 20: My other car is an anachronism. There's frankly nothing more to say about this weeks BASIC. What there is, though, is a bold exciting new way to enjoy this episode - IT'S AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FOR YOUR SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM!!
Yes, that's right. Why settle for viewing your weekly comic in millions of colours when you can have just seven? Anyway, should you care to partake of this thrilling new e-format, the download buttons are under the comic.

Incidentally, while my system of choice was always the Sinclair, I'm sure a lot of you favoured the Commodore, BBC, Apple, Dragon (bless) etc. and a lot of you are WAY more techy than me. So, if you ever feel you'd care to send in anything computery and BASIC comic related, PLEASE feel free. I will make a nice home for it on the site.

VAL BOAT = 0.5

BASIC - Part 19: Given that Wyndhams little boat can no longer be expressed as an integer, other transport must be arranged.


BASIC - Part 18: In which we meet Miriam, a lady whose name in no way suits her job. Still, she seems happy enough.
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