BASIC - Part 51: BASIC is in quite a hurry to leave, although his reasons are perhaps not clear.

In other news, I'm putting the finishing touches on a little side-strip, a one off BASIC comic that serves (kinda) as a guide to conversational BASIC.  Reasons for this are twofold: For one, its just fun to do and secondly, I've realised (through comments and mails) that there are many readers who've never typed a line of BASIC.  This is understandable given its age.  So I put together a little primer to explain little things like the meaning of EXP in this weeks strip (it means exponential, or in BASIC's parlance, 'very').  Anyway, that's coming real soon and it'll be in the RND*TAT section.

Also in the RND*TAT page right now is a little thing I'd like to add that needs your input.  In the long gone days of 8-bit micros, did you ever type mischievous little programs into the demo machines in shops? I know I did and so did a reader who has emailed in (with a much better program that the rubbish I used to write). Check it out and please send in your own, they don't have to be good, they just have to be short (any computing platform is fine) :)
Here's the link to the page.


BASIC - Part 50: 50 strips! Good lord, we're almost a full year in (which will be issue 54 by the way, the first two posts were double strips).  Aaaaaanyway, in this installment we do a little night fishing.

Incidentally, if you're enjoying our little comic, PLEASE let someone know about it.  With limited (very) resources, tiny projects like this function entirely on word of mouth (tweet, blog etc.).  Your input is SO important.  Thanks.


BASIC - Part 49: Well, for several tons of robot with no face, BASIC is still looking pretty agitated.  What's more, his choice of transport may turn out to be the same mistake again.

Incidentally, I've had a few inquiries as to what BASIC is actually saying.  Mainly from readers fortunate enough to be too young to have any experience of the language.
Well, I'm planning on a little side strip detailing the basics of BASIC's BASIC. Until then, it's important to note that our robot friend is speaking a very loose dialect, you couldn't program with most of the stuff he comes out with.  Just read the English words, understand that, in this context, PRINT just means SAY and remember your less than and greater than symbols and you'll be fine.


BASIC - Part 49: Don't make sweeping decisions before breakfast based on a Venn diagram.  Wyndham, if he learns anything, should be learning that.


BASIC - Part 47: He's got a printer! Who knew?  Wyndham awakes to a mystery.  Now, to add extra spice to the proceedings, my domain name is in the process of moving in the mysterious way these webhosty things do.  Quite simply, if you see this week's comic, then all is good.  If not, it means that all the DNS fairy magic hasn't passed through your neighbourhood yet - but it will in, at most, a couple of days.

Back to the plot, though..  If you'd like to follow BASIC's train of thought this week, it is this:

Just type it into the nearest ZX Spectrum and you'll be thinking like a 2 ton idiot.


This little haven is in the process of being moved over to a new web host - domain name and all.  These things are all automated and should run incredibly smoothly.  In my experience they never do, however.
So, if you find a big hole where this site should be, don't worry, it's all in the digital truck on the way to its new home.  Normal service (whatever that is) should resume very soon.


BASIC - Part  46: Wyndham finally takes off that coat! It's shocking the amount of comic characters who never have a bath.  Anyway, while this necessary interlude is underway, BASIC is also having a bit of a think.  Seems his 'Evil robot/ninja' field thing might not be the all encompassing theory it first seemed.

Oh, apologies if you had problems accessing some pages over the last few days. In my haste to get the new site up, I neglected to notice that many comics had ended up in nested folders (ie. in the comics folder, within another comics folder). Silly me.  Anyway.  All fixed now.  Any issues, refresh your browser.

Jet. Set. Willy!!! (oh, and a new website)

I've been rather hard at work, building a better BASICcomic.com and here it is! Hope you enjoy it.
Any problems, likes, suggestions; as always, let me know.  You can also comment on each and every comic page, finally :)

Anyway, to hell with all that.  There is more.  It came to my attention today that the venerable ZX Spectrum platforming leviathan, Jet Set Willy, is coming to the Xbox Live Indie store courtesy of classic Speccy publisher, Elite systems!
Now Jet Set Willy is hard.  I don't mean Japanese bullet hell shooter hard.  It's really hard.  In fact, the original release was actually impossible.  
The reason I mention this legendary difficulty is so that you can enjoy the following video.  This is a (speeded up) complete walk through.  I stared slack-jawed at the whole video this morning and let a rather nice latte go cold.