As soon as humanly possible, we aim to present an entire cornucopia of glittering thinglets for you, dear reader, to spend your hard-earned beans on. Items which will contaminate and violate the sanctity of your otherwise happy home until a hasty move or natural disaster serves to finally free you of their cloying hold.

Or T-shirts.

In any case, there is only going to be a BASIC t-shirt when I have a design that I would myself wear (and I'm damn fussy) with a sufficient enough quality to warrant your spicy coin. Quality wise, it's super likely that my source will be American. As a UK resident and ravenous webcomic T-shirt wearer, it's been clear that the good Americans really know their stuff when it comes to tees and the printing thereof. BASIC bowler hats and pipes will, of course, be locally sourced.

I only mention this as my high UK-European readership might wonder what the hell I'm up to. Be assured that postage rates will be a major factor in my supplier choice.

Pirates and Dinosaurs vs. Robots and Ninjas

Now available through Society 6, the print to end all prints. Grace your living room wall with this elegant tableau of dinosaur mounted pirates kicking the nautical tar out of a marauding ninja-robot invasion force.

Available in many sizes, including block canvas. Click the pic. to go to the store.

(Non US residents - note that this US company often does free-postage deals worldwide)